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Marijuana Flavored Ice Cream? Move Over Cherry Garcia

Marijuana Flavored Ice Cream? Move Over Cherry Garcia

One business minded entrepreneur in California is now making Ice Cream with marijuana as one of the ingredients. Good Idea?

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Offering Far Out Ice Cream Flavors

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. –  These days, you can get an array of ice creams flavors, from chocolate chip cookie dough to bubble gum and just plain old vanilla - but this one is pretty far out.

The medical marijuana dispensary, Creme De Canna, in northern California is now offering its customers pot-infused ice cream, San Jose Mercury News reported.

And proprietor Jonathan Kolodinski has been pretty creative with the flavors. He offers his customers half-pints of Bananabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheescake and Triple Chocolate Brownie.

"It's been my passion to make medical marijuana not only highly effective, but deliciously amazing," Kolodinski told the newspaper. "I've wanted to bring my product line to the market for a long time."

He’s not breaking any ground here though. In fact, marijuana ice cream has been passed around between pot users since the 1960s, according to the report.

A pint of pot-infused ice cream sells for $15 and contains two to four doses, according to the label.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bekins Van Lines Bad Movers?

Bekins Van Lines Bad Movers?

What is Bekins Van Lines online reputation? Don't know? Well I lay it out for you here.

Bekins Van Lines Hires New CEO; Admits They Are Lacking.

Bekins Van Lines, in my opinion, and I am not the only one, is one of the worst moving companies out there. J.D. Powers and Associates has ranked Bekins Van Lines sub-par for two years in a row. Bekins in fact has a very horrible reputation online. All you have to do is Google Bekins Van Lines and you will get several online watchdog groups and online reviews sites rank Bekins with horrible ratings. gives Bekins Van lines 1.5 stars out of 5. Pissed Consumer gives Bekins 3 stars out of 5. gives Bekins Van Lines 1.5 stars out 5. writes very unsavory reviews of Bekins and they are in fact on their blacklist of moving companies.

And there are several other sites similar to the ones above that give the same picture. I am in no way a fan of Bekins at all.

Over two years ago when I started my moving company I was named something completely different. I hadn’t even been in business six months when the Bekins agent out Fraser, MI tried suing me. What was the reason for the law suit: Easy! Money. These greedy bastards were being sued by a mini storage company that shared a similar name. So this Bekins agent sued me for the very same thing that they were being sued for. Now that irony!

These hypocritical losers thought because they had money that they could push me around and help there losing lawsuit.

und that this “moving company” (and I use that term loosely) had a horrible BBB report. That they have more

Well That didn’t sit right with me; so being as proficient as I am with the internet I did some searching. At first I just researched this Bekins agent, and let me tell you I found a lot of dirt. I found that this “moving company” (and I use that term loosely) had a horrible BBB report. That they have more complaints on them than other mover in Michigan. In fact the BBB fully admits that this mover is far above the industry norm for complaints based on size and volume. And THAT was just the tip of the iceberg.

I used this information and the internet and I made it known far and wide to be on the look out for this moving scam company.

Of course that led me into the research on Bekins Van Lines themselves. And from what I have found out the old adage of “birds of a feather flock together” really rings true. It is very apparent to me that Bekins Van Lines and the agent that sued me were definitely cut from the same cloth.

In September 2009 Bekins Van Lines hired a new CEO: Greg Hoover. From Bekins very own website on Greg the admit that they are a sub-par moving company and need to get “back to a position of prominence” that they once held.

“…hiring him shows that Bekins is serious about getting back to a position of prominence.”

It is bad when a moving company of this size knows and admits that they are not as good as they need to be and publicly say so on their own website. It is admirable that the recognize that something has to change…


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